The Second Telling – a table

A table with bars and gaps, each 3 cm wide, is a 90 cm2 wide surface without the gaps. It is possible to shorten and extend the surface of the table to 190 cm length and 48 cm width. There are uncountable variations, which escape from the rectangular form and do not correspond with the typical table at all.

A distancing from the normal picture, that ignores the ordinary expectation, a thing with an independent existence, asks for the physical commitment and the aspect of imaginativeness of the beholder. He has the task to model a new frame of action, as well as to build a new relation to the product. The unusual situation of use is the aid for an analysis and an intense perception to get his own action going. Playfully unclaimed gestures are requested and the daily deeds and the daily thing will be made once again visible and a “second telling” to the already existing design will be created.

Material: Pine wood /// Dimensions: 90 x 90 till 260 x 48 cm /// Prototype

Watch this stop motion video of the table!

/// Salone Sattelite, Milan 2012

/// In collaborazione con il Goethe-Institut Mailand