Medals – 12th Championships of Athletics Berlin 2009

The design of these medals is based on the transformation of movement: Characteristic motions of each discipline were translated into abstract line patterns extending over all three medals. Thus the winners of first, second and third place receive unique medals. At the same time, all medals and winners are connected by one particular movement pattern symbolising the sense of community as the foundation of sports.

Each of the 24 designs represents the movement of one discipline. Hammer Throwing, for example, is translated into patterns based on the throwers centrifugal force and the stabilisation of the body axis in relation to the centrifugal force of the hammer. The basic shape of all medals consists of curved rectangles. Engraved into the dulled surface are horizontal gored lines, which reflect the light and thus always put the focus on the respective movement of a discipline.

In addition, the name of each sport is engraved into the slanted lower edge of the medals. The capital letters also reflect the light. The back of each medal shows the Brandenburg Gate, the name of the winner as well as his or her country of origin and the date.

Realization: spring of 2009. The production process combined traditional and modern manufacturing techniques in small and medium-sized enterprises in Berlin and Brandenburg.

Year: 2007- 09 /// Dimensions: 12 x 6 x 0,4 cm /// Category: commissioned work